What would you do, if Jolene took your man?

This question should perhaps be on the "am I a sane person" test. Any answer is ok, it's whether you would actually "carry out" the action that makes you crazy. Maybe. I don't know. I'm no expert. Today when the boo and I went to get her glasses this song came on the shuffle. Actually funny … [Continue reading]

Everybody loves you- nobody knows you

I'm still here... Which doesn't necessarily mean the world didn't end. But my children are also still here- and they are totally innocent and beautiful and Jesus would so want them- assuming he exists and he came back- so I'm guessing that means there was no rapture. In other news, I was at my … [Continue reading]

“Left behind – Let’s Have Wine” Club

Last night a friend text me that the world was supposed to end today... he was all, "Don't make any plans for Thursday!"  At first I was all, "No … [Continue reading]

They call themselves “helpers” which is the worst kind of lie

We call them murderers because they kill people We call them accountants because they account for your financials We call them managers because they … [Continue reading]

No, thank YOU!!!!


i insist.   I guess it was opposite (8) years.... Or, you forgot the caveat/disclaimer... You know the one ..."till I don't have time". But take a … [Continue reading]

I hope you can find the strength to keep fighting.  Cuz I’ve got something huge planned soon.  A pain like you’ve never felt before

That's what she said... The first sentence. The rest was obviously implied, since I know the ending now.   It was like foreshadowing, and you woulda … [Continue reading]