It's hard to hold onto hope sometimes. It's hard to be honest about it, too. Sometimes it's so very hard to be honest with people because they say they want to hear the truth, but they really don't. Because the truth hurts. It can cut and bite. And it leads to scars and tension. So that's why … [Continue reading]

Thanks for the coke … (I’m not gonna say it)

God I can't believe I'm back at the airport again. It feels like I was just here. Oh wait, I was. This whole "split family" thing is killing me... I hate it. I guess kids are supposed to grow up- but I hate it. I do. And I forgot how much I hate airports. The lines, the germs, the waiting, the … [Continue reading]

Sometimes it’s ok to need to be rescued

Tuesday night I was letting my dogs out for the last time of the evening.  Everyone else had gone to bed here, the house was quiet and I was texting … [Continue reading]

I’m a keeper

I hope I live to scream it from the rooftops. Mainly, because I know that so many in my life don't believe it. And I want to believe it. I saw a … [Continue reading]

She feels more like a Betty Draper…like on a scale of 1-10 in strength, I’d go 2

There have been many times in my life when I have needed a therapist... and many times in my life when I have seen a therapist. Yes people, it takes … [Continue reading]

We’ve come a long way baby…mostly just full circle

I sat in her office overcome with emotion, silent tears rstreaming down my face, unable to look at her. "What do you need right now?" She asks me … [Continue reading]