Catch a break? I catch everything else

Back in the hospital with pneumonia after struggling all weekend unable to breathe. Lemme tell ya, drowning not a fun way to go. I'm really beginning to wonder if I'm gonna catch a break, ever... I mean, I sure seem to catch everything else. … [Continue reading]

I’m counting on it

Today was not my best appointment with the docs. I tossed and turned all night wondering if I should just crawl into the office this morning waving the white flag (crawl because that is about all I have the energy for these days). But after my blood work showed off liver enzymes, high kidney … [Continue reading]



Tell me again how much you respect women... … [Continue reading]

Just some thoughts

The future ... I'm sure everyone is thinking about the future, right? With the election right around the corner. And I'm trying... trying...hard to … [Continue reading]

Really? No one knows how to share?


Good thing I wasn't here for water... the hell... guess Ima get acclimated to this hurricane shit real quick. Thankfully, I found organic vodka- … [Continue reading]

Lions and tigers and hur-canes, oh my

Another sleepless night of fevers, pain, and nausea. . I'm hopefully half way done but I cry at the thought of enduring this for even another day. I … [Continue reading]