In a few days…

My t-cell therapy is going to begin soon. My cells have already been injected with fighter power and soon I'll be getting back so they can "go, fight, win". One of the genes used actually targets the protein found in my cancer cells. (It's my own custom therapy!) Before I get my cells back, I … [Continue reading]

Some people never get past step one

I recently had a conversation with a woman who is a recovering alcoholic, 7 years. (queue the claps) She is a friend of a friend, I don't really know her that well, aside from her strong left-wing political opinions, how much more she would pay for GMO free, organically grown food, and encourage … [Continue reading]

For once, I wish I could be real…

I really do... But I would never be the honest one who takes off the mask so everyone can laugh at the girl with the abandonment issues. No way- uh, … [Continue reading]

Gas up the car


It's never a good thing when your BF crawls into the rabbit hole at the same time as you... It can get way to comfortable in here when there's no arm … [Continue reading]

Was Marsha (or most therapists) Mormon?

I wonder if the whole DBT therapy was based on Mormonism and I also wonder if there have been any studies and if the suicide among the Mormon religion … [Continue reading]