Clearly she had never heard the phrase “you get more bees with honey”.

Ya know, the one that if you're nice to people, they will be nice in return? Or on the flip side: I slap you upside-the-head...with a board...with nails coming out of it - if you're mean. Or maybe that was her motto! Especially at Halloween! Maybe she was possessed!!! It could happen! Can … [Continue reading]

It’s that time again


Could be big changes next week... Everyone take their posts. Which means lots of anxiety and high tension here But also, as before, clean carpets... … [Continue reading]

It’s a life, not a hayride

When I look back at the year that has passed by I honestly can’t think of one thing I have accomplished this year. I have done nothing. Gone … [Continue reading]

You’ve lost that zen feeling…whoa that zen feeling

Ok...I never had that zen feeling.... But I'm on full anxiety tilt. Like the hair on the back of my neck standing up (if there was any hair on the … [Continue reading]

I’m not coming down until this shit is cleared up!


Damn, there's some depressing and anxiety provoking shit going on out there...and part of me is drawn to it even though I know I should stay away from … [Continue reading]