Talk About Your Revolution… Its Independence Day!

everyone here in America will be celebrating, lighting fireworks... hey- everyone- its independece day! It is also the birthday of my abuser, evil step father.... so on independence day, i always listen to this song over and over again  while i scream at the top of my lungs: Let freedom … [Continue reading]

I’m healed Ms T..let’s run and tell everybody!

You know how babies who are left to cry their cribs for days and weeks and eventually they stop crying because they know their mother is not ever going to come comfort them?  They just deal with it, right?  But they don't know how to emotionally connect to others, really.  Not on any … [Continue reading]

Without one, the other can’t exist (guess I’ll never know)

Last week, I was talking to my friend about the sordid talk of relationships, and trust, and vulnerability, and safety.  (I know, cover your ears and … [Continue reading]

A Giver is Gone

Yesterday I lost a friend.  She was not just a friend.  She was a confidant and a mentor.  When I graduated college and began my career in business … [Continue reading]

Wait… What?

Do  you ever have someone tell you something and then you KNOW it isn't what they used to tell you so you wonder wth... Yeah, that...  This … [Continue reading]

That Moment…the End Of “We”

Every one of us longs to be remembered. In the small little things we do every day, or the big projects we take on—we don’t want to feel forgotten. We … [Continue reading]