Gas up the car


It's never a good thing when your BF crawls into the rabbit hole at the same time as you... It can get way to comfortable in here when there's no arm to pull you out and no one really wants to function. If laughter is the best medicine but it's unavailable, I should be thankful for trail mix. If … [Continue reading]

Was Marsha (or most therapists) Mormon?

I wonder if the whole DBT therapy was based on Mormonism and I also wonder if there have been any studies and if the suicide among the Mormon religion is lower than the general population. Of course I'm generalizing, based on the musical, but it would appear that to the musical "The book of … [Continue reading]

Why do specialists need specialists?

And other questions I ponder... No really, now I'm being referred to a specialist of cardiology by my cardiologist- he isn't "good enough"? Am I … [Continue reading]



I'm feeling a little like punching people in the face... Part of it has to do with my own personal health situation and the fact that it feels like I … [Continue reading]

Carry on

Just when you start to think maybe the pain of the past has lessened it hits you right in the gut. As if just to remind you that time does in fact NOT … [Continue reading]