It takes the pills it’s given, or else it gets the hose again


So the nurse hands me my early morning pills... And I give her the side eye…. And think, come on! You’re just fucking with me now, right? This is like mine and my neighbors? Or something? (No, only mine. No fucking around here.). OMG! I repeat - They are not fucking around here... They … [Continue reading]

I got one less problem…

Do you know that during heart surgery they put a defibrillator on your back and chest? Although I'n sure it's "precautionary, it's quite disconcerting to be wide awake and not yet high on versed as they stick all those pads and stickers all over you and you're like, "damn, I'm glad I watered the … [Continue reading]

Just another Xanax free Sunday (after midnight)

It's Sunday already? I am not ready for this Monday. Usually by the weekend, I have some semblance of energy and a bit of pep but this week was off … [Continue reading]

I so choose to stay


Yesterday my besties and I went to see If I Stay, which in hindsight, looking at my facing this health shit in a day- and the movie being about a girl … [Continue reading]

What to do first


Two days if freedom...and apparently the rooftop restaurant is not super pops... Maybe wander around for the 10 min of energy I usually have and … [Continue reading]