Life isn’t fair

That feels really true for me right now... I mean it has felt true for a lot of my life, but right now, my life feels upside down. Moving across country and the kids don't want to and we are all leaving everything we know and nothing feels within our control. Life isn't fair... I feel that. … [Continue reading]

Weird shit you find when you clean


I've been purging the homestead for the big move. It was book day. Someone tell me why I was reading this? I'm no therapist. And I did not fail myself... Let's see... Failing to include clients in setting session agendas Ignoring client verbal and nonverbal feedback Responding … [Continue reading]

I do not wish to lease my electronic device, no matter how large it may be

Last week I was able to upgrade my phone. Last month I upgraded my glasses and last week I upgraded my phone. And I'm still blind. It's pretty sad … [Continue reading]

Three, three is the key (I did not crush it)


last week I worked and hacked my sick ass off trying to get my house ready to meet with two real estate agents for market analysts.   I already knew … [Continue reading]

You don’t get to tell me how unfair MY life is

When I first heard this song a lump the size of a grapefruit formed in my throat and I couldn't swallow.   And tears formed in my eyes for those of us … [Continue reading]

That about sums up my week… Hbu?


[Continue reading]