If you were my little girl

Once, back in 2009, before her "life changed" the therapist sent this to me. Like I guess in some fucked up way to make me feel better, or comforted. And it worked, at the time. But now, my birth mother is really ill, and the therapist pulled away from me shortly after this, and I'm really ill and … [Continue reading]

In sickness & sickness

A few weeks before I left for California a friend of mine went into the hospital for her second bone marrow transplant. She had a perfect match. She was mentally and physically prepared, although she had been fighting cancer for about 5 years she had achieved remission, and she was ready. She was … [Continue reading]

Again today

The beach was wonderful... being back - not so much. I'm just trying to make it through the moment... I cried in front of my daughter, which is a … [Continue reading]

San Diego escape


We’ve regrouped – long conversations with my team of doctors, family, closest friends and myself, over the past few weeks (you thought I was … [Continue reading]

pain, pain, go away

For the first time in nearly 2 weeks I took a real shower. That sounds terrible doesn't it - but I don't care. A real honest to gawd super long … [Continue reading]