I hate may

And it takes a whole lotta energy to just function some days and life is really fucking busy there's so much going on all the time when I just wanna watch Netflix and chill out to some Kimmy Schmidt. Omg, shut up, your incessant whining is gagging me. Historically May is the worst of all the … [Continue reading]

It’s a demon


So I figured out why I've been having so much bad luck lately. Today I noticed I have a demon. That's the bad news. (I mean, other than I spend way too much time on my bathroom floor - which is where I the demon is. I know, I can't believe I haven't noticed it before now!) The good news is I'm … [Continue reading]

I don’t know how to help

In 10 days we will be moving 1500 miles away from all my kids remember. To say they aren't happy would be like saying a child would be unhappy after … [Continue reading]


People have told me that by staying quiet and locked away I’m letting them win. That the best thing I could possibly do is pick myself up and become … [Continue reading]

Me too!

You ever feel like none of it matters? Really. Nothing. None of it. And because you don't yell, or scream, or fucking mean anything to anyone... It … [Continue reading]

Life isn’t fair

That feels really true for me right now... I mean it has felt true for a lot of my life, but right now, my life feels upside down. Moving across … [Continue reading]