Painting Pictures while waiting

This is the closest thing to torture I can imagine. It feels like being gouged by a knife over and over, like being kicked in the face incessantly. Honestly, the thought of this going on and on and on is beyond overwhelming. I can barely lift my eyes to see December and beyond in the close … [Continue reading]

Fear Itself

I think the most frightening thing is the unknown.  You cannot stick a cast on broken bone marrow or heal it with a band aid and ointment.  There are no promises or guarantees as much as you would wish for one/  There just isn't.  Maybe what we all hate about this disease is that it just proves to … [Continue reading]

My sincere apologies for my toddler bx

Sometimes it takes the behavior of others to make one see their crazy. I humbly apologize for all the crazy dissociative rude assholish texts and … [Continue reading]

When all is stripped away

I sat there like a woman used to being beaten, my head nodddimg mechanically to accept the news, my mouth moving robotically to ask the questions of … [Continue reading]

Light & Dark

Life in this war-torn land has left me a little jumpy. I try to live today, taking in the joy of today’s abundance, but as always, I don’t count on … [Continue reading]

It’s like the zombie apocalypse…only not exactly

I've heard everyone should "be prepared" for major internet outages on the 8th. Apparently it might be like y2k, or worse, since nothing happened on … [Continue reading]