I’ve got a lot of problems – now you’re gonna hear about ’em

Well, it's another sleepless night. I don't feel well at all and I'm having trouble sleeping. I'm also rather pissed off and if you choose to continue reading you're going to hear all about it cause I'm in a shitty mood and having a small pity party right now. I know! The airing of grievances was … [Continue reading]

The good, the bad, and the funny

It's been a weird week and it's only Tuesday... first of all, I'm having trouble remembering things.  That used to happen to me because I had too much to do, or I was like triggered into the past and couldn't remember things that were happening to me, which CMAU - I can't remember  the word for THAT … [Continue reading]

Sometimes planes crash

A recent conversation I had with my doc about "plane crashes". Me: but the thing is I'm the kind of person who can't think of anything else but … [Continue reading]

Why do you have that dishcloth on your head?

so many precious hours *wasted* in that office.... Because of betrayed trust. I used to feel this lump well up in my throat, closing it shut, as if … [Continue reading]

Are all “great” men just dicks?

I was trying to think of a less colorful title that didn't sound like that old country song, "It seems like all the good ones are gone." Do you ever … [Continue reading]

Cry me a river

I am so sad that I am not healthy enough to be here in the ways my kids need. I am so sad that when they look back on our relationship all they'll … [Continue reading]