The key to all happiness…


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It’s real for her, too


My rescue dog has abandonment issues.  So even though I hire someone to stay with both of my dogs when we go on vacation so they aren't taken out of their home environment, my Saint Bernard has been acting like an infant child since our return Saturday afternoon. This has been us all … [Continue reading]


Last Friday evening, my best friend Meg and I were doing light shopping for the condo and we picked up a few bottles of wine. While checking out one … [Continue reading]

So… There’s this movie series


Called Harry Potter I remember when it first came out, my gramma said it was sac relig and she didn't want me to read it. So I started to read the … [Continue reading]

But- my gawd- the view!


I can hear and see the ocean from my room!!! … [Continue reading]

Fly the friendly skies…seats extra


I don't mind paying for things, i just don't typically find airline seats optional.  It's included in the original price on some airlines, like... … [Continue reading]