Feeling alone in this big world

The world breaks every one and afterward, many are strong at the broken places. - Ernest Hemingway There is something incredibly devastating about life when you're living with depression. In turn, it is not obvious to most people. Depression and anxiety are not beautiful nor sexy. It is … [Continue reading]

I’ve just got to put these wings to test


I look up to the little bird That glides across the sky He sings the clearest melody It makes me want to cry It makes me want to sit right down and cry cry cry I walk along the city streets So dark with rage and fear And I... I wish that I could be that bird And fly away from here I wish … [Continue reading]

Let there be light


Still unpacking (and repacking) but we have light... I used to never use lamps, but now I think I'm a convert. Thanks to my BF. I kind of like it. … [Continue reading]

Packed, unpacked, repacked.


I've been unpacking for a almost a week. Which feels like an odd thing to say when you have a "shelf to shelf" move. But it really isn't when you go … [Continue reading]

Well, we are done for the day


Welcome committee was here- I was not feeling welcome. Everyone out of the pool... Wtaf! We have a pool cover thingie- so ... Why???? I'm not an … [Continue reading]

That’s how my brain works


When you forget to turn off your speaker when you're done asking Siri a question... My friend Al said this is really just some insight into how my … [Continue reading]