I will hold you

Just hold me... So many things have happened in the past couple of weeks. I really haven't had a moment to stop, or maybe that isn't fair, I haven't had a moment to want to stop, to stand still, to take it all in... So I don't. And I've also been ill, so I have reverted backs to my old habits: … [Continue reading]

Sometimes when you’re feeling stabby

And you're too sick to go punch stuff...  All you can do is watch funny YouTube videos about chips...   Cuz you know "hey- I don't think you're being fair"... "I don't think you know me...." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A8nEfYmmtM&sns=em … [Continue reading]

Ive always been way too angry for yoga 

I do not endorse Mari-ju-wana...but I totally feel this way about yoga.  (Or maybe I just have too much anger for yoga) I find kickboxing and … [Continue reading]

Peter Rabbit gave me the plague… Probly

I've been deliriously I'll with a respiratory virus for a week.  I say delirious, because it's like one day I sound like I worked in an asbestos … [Continue reading]

It’s hard when you’re always afraid~you just recover when another belief is betrayed

I have to concede that the hus was right (I don't do that often) - this IS the best (well, the most meaningful) Billy Joel song. Because for me, it … [Continue reading]

That elusive thing …called hope

I know it may be hard to believe but at one point I used to be an extremely 'hopeful' person. I was living in a idealistic world of "I'll beat this" … [Continue reading]