37 days, 5 Monday’s & 5 Friday’s

I count because I can’t help it. I count because she was my best friend and she'll never stop mattering to me. I count because numbers are something real that makes sense to me, unlike her absence, which doesn't. She should be here with me on the island, but she isn't. And all I can do is hold space … [Continue reading]

Beach Time

The last two days have been wonderfully bittersweet. We all flew to the island to celebrate my dad's 71st birthday. And we've been spending our time on "Island Time" relaxing at the beach, swimming in the pool, and eating ice cream at the resort. Daddy sends his love to his adopted daughter. This … [Continue reading]

Still not ok, G. But I have the beauty of today, and the beauty of the past

You can't "live and let live" when it comes to normalizing abuse. That is *no life*, and for some, it actually means death. It just does. I truly … [Continue reading]

One month since I held your hand

Just one month ago your body just couldn’t continue to fight against something that had become bigger than your earthly existence. One month ago today … [Continue reading]

You will not be forgotten

I feel a little lost and uncertain as to what to write some days, yet find myself here anyway. I often feel empty some days. At the end, when we … [Continue reading]

And just as you were taking your first steps

Friday again, my friend. I miss you every day, but I think Friday's are the worst days for me. Possibly since we spent every Friday together. I know … [Continue reading]

Still missing you every minute, my warrior friend

As we approach the month mark of G's passing, I have to say that selfishly this is the most painful thing I have ever endured. Everything has been … [Continue reading]

It’s been 22 days since you left us

We went through so much in the years we spent together, yet it didn't feel like enough. I got to hear her...laughing, singing, living, breathing, … [Continue reading]

breathe and keep going

G was very clear with me that no matter what happened to her, she wanted me to be there for her daughter. To be clear, her daughter and I have always … [Continue reading]

You never know how weak you are til you are no longer able to do the things you used to do

I visited G over New Years  and I noticed there had been a shift in her, both emotionally and physically since the last time I had seen her.  My visit … [Continue reading]