I am here

Dear G,
I’m spending the weekend with your daughter. Well, our daughter now. I’m both excited and sad to watch her dance tomorrow. Excited because she’s worked so hard all season and sad because you’re not here to see her. She reminds me so much of you. Her smile, her laugh, her sense of humor. She is you. And it is an honor to be with her.

I remember spending hours sobbing together as we worked out the details of how my relationship with your baby would carry on in your absence. I know you hated asking for help. Almost as much as you hated the thought of not being around for your daughter’s life milestones. I promised to be here for your baby and I will never let you down. I think you knew you could count on me, even with your trust issues, I will not met you down on this. I love that kid as much as I loved you. So dance weekend is up…with spring break on deck.

We still got this.

I am here. I will always be here.

I love you and miss you so much,