Dear John

Dear John,
I’m sorry that your surgeon botched your heart surgery…I know that you probably don’t get that I understand when you told me that you’re not afraid to die and that your love for your wife who died from cancer 13 years ago was the complete love of your life and I could see the love in your tired 73 year old eyes when you talked about your beautiful Kay. I’m so-so very sorry that cancer took her away from you and your four children- and I could feel the pain in your voice in voice when you told me you felt her leave you that day, in the hospice center, and you finally said you were tired and you suffered from ‘a-fib’ and you needed to take a nap, and you thought you would see your Kay again…and you asked me did I know what ‘a-fib’ was…and you touched my arm with your cold hand and you pulled your hat toward your face, and drifted to sleep….maybe to see your Kay…

When we landed, and everyone gathered their things I turned toward you, and said, “I’m glad I met you..John…I’m so sorry this happened to you- I hope your lawsuit ism settled soon…I’ll be thinking of you…”

You knew nothing about me, John, but for some reason, when I saw you struggling to fasten your seatbelt on the plane, I felt like i should help you…you’re dng it backwards, it goes this way. But you helped me, John. You talked about Jesus and living in the np moment and being human, appreciating what you have…a 73 year old man, with a beautiful spirit and a heart of gold…even if the doctors couldn’t fix it.

I know Kay is out there waiting for you.,.when your work is done…she’ll be waiting


  1. Ethereal Highway says:

    {{{{{John & Kay}}}}