Grateful for Grace

This has been a really tough week! There are moments that are so bad in the last couple of days when G has been so weak, she’s started to become a little confused and unable to remember the words for things. I try to help her then when she falls asleep I cry. It’s so hard to see her like this.   It’s hard to see anyone we love suffer.

This morning when she seemed to find her words she fretted a lot trying to understand and plan for what is ahead. We all struggle with that, but know that there is great beauty and no pain or fear for her there. We try to work through things with her the best we can, with words that don’t come very easy. She’s sad and confused about this process, and still trying to accept what is happening. Also it is so very heartbreaking as she fought for so long and so hard.

Please continue praying for G to not be afraid and come to peace with what is ahead, for us to do and say the right things, and to bring peace, comfort and strength for her friends and family.

love, M.