In the arms of the angels

My best friend, my hero, warrior, fighter, and light is off for a well earned rest, after a courageous battle and a far too short, but otherwise gracious, adventurous and love-filled life. G was beautiful, gentle, compassionate, smart, outgoing, and she radiated love.

I will be back to provide more detail and a tribute to this lady that she deserves, but my heart is shattered and I am unable to do so right now.
I keep coming back to life not being fair and how we joked about that. We were with each other though so much holding each other up. Now I feel as though a part of me died with her. No, my dear friend, “life wasn’t fair, and you of all people should know that”.  It sure wasn’t. But you always did your best. And it was always good enough. Right up to your last breath.

I miss you so much already, G. Save me a space. And I’ll see you later. Love you most, M


  1. Oh Gracie girl, you were always good enough. I will miss you and love you, Cassandra