it’s been a long day without you, my friend

...and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. My god I had no idea how hard this would be... I really didn't... we talked about it, I … [Continue reading]

I am here

Dear G, I'm spending the weekend with your daughter. Well, our daughter now. I'm both excited and sad to watch her dance tomorrow. Excited because … [Continue reading]

Joy & pain. Laughter & tears

I woke up today with you on my mind, thinking about your treatment and what went wrong. Thinking about how you slowly weakened in those last few … [Continue reading]

It’s here, but you’re not

Well, G, It came today. The preordered copy of Jenny's new book. And, I imagine you're somewhere rolling your eyes as I know the irony isn't lost … [Continue reading]

Two weeks

One of the first things I learned about G is that she was never afraid of anything. It seemed like she was fearless. I guess she felt like she had to … [Continue reading]

Drinking and reading in the closet

It's Friday, my friend. And I can't ask, as I used to every morning, but I know you slept better than I did last night. I spent last night in my … [Continue reading]

Friendship- a history

I first met G when our boys were in second grade. They played baseball on the same team and we would say hi and bye at the games but we didn't really … [Continue reading]

Not enough

I still cannot begin to understand how a whole living person can be turned into merely a photo and an inadequate collection of vague memories. It … [Continue reading]

Angel, day 3

I know that even though G's journey on this earth has ended ours still continues. She is pain free now; no more pain and suffering. But her family and … [Continue reading]

Angel, day 1

I have not actually had the emotional strength to get an update done and posted; my heart just has not been with it and I will have to post more at a … [Continue reading]